EMG White Label Solution accounts are our partners

EMG has developed a comprehensive suite of solutions that allow web site and content owners to quickly integrate Video on Demand (VoD) capability into their existing set of services. Whether you have an established site with a proven track record and high traffic, or are looking to start a new VoD solution EMG can custom-tailor a White Label package to your specific needs. White Label Solution accounts are more than just customers: they are our partners.

EMG recognizes logistical, technical and financial obstacles facing many of the web site owners desiring to integrate VoD capability into their set of on-line offerings. EMG White Label solution is a suite of server-side plug-ins that insulates Web Site owners from technical and logistical complexities of interaction with VoD service delivery. EMG White Label customers will benefit from wholesale rates of content delivery. White Label customers will also make use of sophisticated reporting capabilities provided by EMG.

EMG will work with your business and technical staff to integrate its technology solution with your current web offerings. EMG White Label Solution is an extremely flexible offering. Whether you have the content and would like to integrate it into the EMG VoD delivery capability or you would like to offer EMG's content library to be delivered through your site, we will work with you to ensure and enable a mutually profitable model.

The picture below illustrates how EMG White Label Solution fits into the overall stack of the EMG-provided services. The layers/modules in blue depict core services of EMG White Label Solution. Additional modules are typical existing components of the White Label customers' existing infrastructure as well as external entities. While our White Label VoD Plug-in can be easily integrated into the existing customer infrastructure, EMG can provide these additional modules either on a pre-packaged or custom-tailored basis to its customers. You can explore the definition of each module by clicking on the respective area of the picture.

EMG will be with you every step of the way

EMG provides storage, bandwidth and Digital Right Management (DRM) solutions that can be integrated directly into your current web offerings. White Label Solution partners need not make additional investments to their current technology infrastructure or complicated changes to their current web offerings. By outsourcing VoD solution to EMG, your company can significantly reduce VoD time to market, development, infrastructure and ongoing maintenance costs. EMG makes the implementation process even more cost and labor efficient and less time consuming by allowing flexible interfaces and data exchange formats. EMG will be with you every step of the way to support and help tailor our While Label Solutions to your corporate needs.

EMG White Label Solution pricing model provides enough flexibility to our partners to allow implementation of profitable scenarios from the start.

The very nature of the "White Label" Solution is to make EMG services invisible to the consumer (end user of your web offering) and will allow you a free hand in marketing and/or affiliating our technology and content solution. You will be able to set pricing and business rules for the content accessed via your site(s).

Each EMG While Label Solution is tailored to the customer's requirements. Please contact us with your requirements for a free consultation and evaluation. Our business and technology staff will be glad to answer any questions regarding our services and will gladly help your company decide on how to best add the exciting world of Video on Demand to your current offerings. Content Library Details Content Storage Details Digital Rights Management Details Content Delivery Details White Label Plug-In Details Website Catalog Details eCommerce Application Details Payment Processing Details Affiliation Module Details
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