1. Why is it called "White Label" Solution?

    • "White Label" is an industry term for a type of service that is available to be branded in anyway the customer desires. This is typically used when a customer desires to outsource a part of its set of services to a third party (EMG in this case). EMG White Label services will be invisible to the consumer and will allow a customer a free hand in marketing and/or affiliating EMG's technology and content solution. White Label Solution customers are typically able to set pricing and business rules for the content accessed via your site(s).

  2. What is the typical time line of integration?

    • The White Label Solution integration time line is heavily dependent on the existing infrastructure of the customer, level of customization based on customer's specific requirements that would need to be performed by EMG and of course availability of customer's technical and business resource. We would be happy to discuss your needs and assess the complexity of integration. The simplicity of an effort required to integrate EMG While Label solution can be compared to integrating Credit Card Payment Gateway from major provider of this service.

  3. My Web Site offering is highly automated, I have plenty of technical resources, I would like to use your content and I'm ready to integrate. What are my next steps?

    • There are 10 basic steps we need to go through*:

      1. Initial consultation on requirements, business model, pricing, etc.
      2. Legal arrangements (NDA, contract, etc.)
      3. EMG provides integration reference documentation (API reference, XML schemas, etc.)
      4. Technical consultation
      5. EMG sets up a dedicated testing environment.
      6. Customer development and testing
      7. Inter-system testing.
      8. User Acceptance Testing
      9. Establish Production environment and perform pre-production tests
      10. Production launch

      *The scenario addressed above assumes that customer can easily perform all technology-related modifications and development to be able to communicate with White Label Solution server-side plug-ins.

  4. What is the technical implementation of your White Label Solution server-side plug-in?

    • Currently EMG supports 2 main methods of integration/communication**:

      1. Secure HTTP (HTTPS) POST or GET
      2. Web Services supporting SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) specification

      **As a courtesy to non-technical users, we prefer not to go to low-level technical details of the implementation. Please contact us if you prefer to have a detailed technical discussion.

  5. What are my options if I don't have a highly automated Web Site offering?

    • EMG has developed a set of modules that can be easily integrated with a core set of White Label Solution services. Modules such as "Web Site Catalog" and "eCommerce Application" were specifically developed to support flexible models of DRM-protected VoD delivery. Please contact us for a free consultation on how we can jump-start your presence in the VoD arena.

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