The advent broadband internet access has revolutionized the technology of video delivery. The days of tiny, fuzzy, jumpy video feeds will be gone soon, and full-screen, near DVD quality video will become a de-facto standard of the content delivered over the internet. EMG's partnership with major providers of Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions allows delivering a technology capability that enables strictly controlled access to any content in EMG's and its clients' catalog with robust security and accountability to content owners. In a sample scenario, end users are able to 'rent' a title for a set period of days for a defined fee. The content is delivered in an encrypted form that limits the access to the content to the pre-defined time and/or location (single workstation/PC). DRM-based licensing prevents the content from being viewed from any other computer or beyond the period of purchase contract. If an end user wishes to view the content after the expiration of the original license, he/she must renew the license for a new time period.

EMG's model for rules-based DRM licensing allows for a variety of flexible scenarios ranging from allowing unlimited access to the content during the validity period of the license (time-limited rental) to the limited number of complete playbacks over an indefinite period of time (playback-limited rental). Please contact us for a free consultation on which licensing model will best fit your business.

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