Import Note Regarding Demonstrations, please read before accessing demos:

For demonstration purposes of the "Valid License" scenario, the number of allowed plays is set to 2 (two) without a need to re-authenticate. The Media Player will request to re-authenticate after 2 attempts to open the demo file and the license will be renewed (for demo purposes) for another 2 plays. To experience "Expired License" and "Disabled License" scenarios, please enter respective name/password combination at the time Media Player's request for authentication.

For ease of use, Windows Media Player (WMP) caches user names and passwords for DRM protected content by default. For the purpose of this demonstration it is recommended that the caching option is disabled. If the caching feature is not disabled WMP will not allow you to test different scenarios as outlined below. To disable the caching feature open WMP, select Tools > Options > Privacy and un-check the "Acquire licenses automatically for protected content" box (click here for details).

This is strictly required for the purpose of this demo in order to allow users to test different licensing scenarios. This is not required or necessary on the part of your customers.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions:

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