1. Which formats can EMG encode content into?

    • EMG can encode video titles into Microsoft Windows Media 9(tm), Real(tm) and other popular download and streaming formats.

  2. Does content have to be provided on a particular media type?

    • For high-volume, high quality encoding we prefer to encode from DVD media. EMG has a capability to encode from almost any analog or digital source including VHS, MiniDV, MiniDisk, etc.

  3. Is there a minimum or maximum number of titles for an encoding order?

    • No, we can encode orders as small as a single movie to libraries containing 1000's of titles. EMG has developed proprietary methods of high quality, high volume encoding that allow us to dynamically scale to any customer demands.

  4. Do I have to use the content encoded by EMG in its Content Library?

    • Not at all. Our encoding capability is not strictly tied to any other service or set of services provided by EMG. While content owners desiring to take advantage of EMG DRM-protected Video on Demand (VoD) delivery services receive significant discount on encoding services, EMG can simply encode your titles, put them on a media of your choice and return to you with no questions asked.

  5. Can encoding be done to customer specifications?

    • Absolutely - while EMG has recommended guidelines for specifications relating to encoding quality and file size, we will gladly accommodate individual requirements for encoding specifications.

  6. Is it possible to see samples of your encoding results

    • Absolutely - Please visit the Encoding section of our website to check out the demos. If you prefer to experience encoding results based on your particular requirements (encoding parameters), please contact us and we will be happy to address your interest.

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