EMG can encode one and a half hour movies as low as $13.50!
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East Media Group helps content owners and distributors bring their products to market faster by streamlining the encoding process of their video material for IP based (Internet, etc.) delivery channels. EMG can encode video content from various digital and analog sources into state of the art new Microsoft(tm) Windows Media formats and Real(tm) formats for the download and streaming delivery. Optional set of services may include Digital Rights Management DRM) packaging as well as digital and visual watermarking of the content.

Content encoding is typically one of the greatest hurdles in bringing content to market. Without significant investment into the optimized process and powerful hardware such as those employed by EMG, content owners may spend up tens of hours encoding a single full-length feature movie title. Encoding requires specialized technology skills and resources, powerful hardware and software and often proprietary technologies. In a marketplace as dynamic as the Internet it is simply not a viable option for any content owner with a significant library. Even when content owners or distributors decide to make a significant investment into the encoding infrastructure, the return on investment (ROI) will be realized (if at all) much later as compared to outsourcing the encoding activities to EMG.

While encoding algorithms adhere to industry standard techniques and utilize products readily available from vendors, EMG's proprietary methods of streamlining the encoding process enable us to accommodate extremely high volume of encoding, and allows us to play a very competitive role in the marketplace. Our unique encoding techniques allow us to offer encoding pricing several times lower than industry averages.

EMG encoding services are available to our content vendors, white label solution partners and to content owners and distributors wishing to make their video products available to other Video on Demand services. As each project is of a unique nature, please contact us for further information and pricing.
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