EMG allows content owners to choose their own path to profiting from their libraries. Content owners may choose to be the sole channel of distribution for their content or they may choose to add their content library to the growing library maintained by EMG.

Proprietary Content Library Scenario:

While we believe that the greatest level of profitability for any content owner lays in the addition of their content to our library we understand that some owners may not wish to do so. In the Proprietary Content Library Scenario only the content owner and/or parties explicitly allowed by the content owner gain access to content. Content is not shared with the greater EMG library.

In this scenario the content owner (or white label reseller) may operate their own VoD service while still utilizing all of the services offered by EMG. EMG services are fully transparent to the end user and allow the content owner to resell access to their content as they see fit as well as allowing content owners to further augment their sales with their own affiliate programs.

EMG offers a wide range of solutions that allow content owners to choose only those services necessary to fulfill their VoD requirements. EMG also offers state of the art content encoding services at highly competitive rates and with exceptional turn around times.

Shared Library Scenario:

EMG believes that distribution and market penetration is the key to profitability for content owners. We have developed a shared content library precisely because we believe that through our network of affiliates, while label solution customers and additional distribution channels EMG can instantly make content available to millions of end users. As such, content owners are encouraged to add their content to the EMG library and derive instant and generous benefits from our marketing network.

The content owner/provider benefits from the shared revenue relationship by earning a recurring income. Unlike a one-time licensing fee, the shared revenue model continues to pay for each and every purchase at an EMG site or EMG enabled partner for the duration of the content provider's relationship with EMG. The greater the number of titles a content owner/provider makes available to EMG the greater is its earnings potential. With the rapid growth of broadband internet access and increasing convergence of on-line Internet services with home entertainment, this revenue sharing model assures continued growth and profitability for both content providers and EMG.

EMG offers a "no-risk," "no monetary investment" plan to its partners. EMG is at core a technology and marketing solution. All content rights are retained by the content owner/publisher. EMG delivers your content using the latest in encoding, delivery and security technologies, provides marketing and enhances the value of any individual property by adding it to a plurality of titles that generates repeat business and generates new account. For this service, EMG receives a share of the retail sale amount for all the content available via its network. EMG handles all transaction, delivery, marketing and security costs - our partners simply provide content and earn real profits every time their content is rented or streamed.

EMG understands the importance of content integrity. EMG only seeks the license to provide access to copyrighted content via the delivery methods outlined above. EMG does not seek to gain ownership rights to the provider's content or infringe on their other distribution channels. EMG has made a significant investment in technology to protect ourselves and our content providers from unauthorized use (please refer to sections 2.3 and 3.4 for more detailed information on the technology used to protect copyright owners). Our business model relies exclusively on an ongoing relationship with our content providers. We have a vested interest in retaining copyright protection and strong security for all of the content made available by EMG.

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