1. Does my content have to be part of the EMG shared library?

    • No, you have full control over your content. If you do not wish to make it available to EMG, our Affiliates and/or White Label Solutions partners you are not required to do so. Your content can be exclusively available only to you via EMG's VoD solutions.

  2. What are the benefits of making my content available via the EMG library?

    • By adding your content to the EMG library you instantly make it available via EMG's websites, our Affiliates and a number of White Label Solutions customers (who may also have Affiliate resellers as well). By adding your content to the library you instantly gain the marketing power of numerous sites all working to sell your content.

  3. If we add our content to the EMG library do we have any say in how it is marketed via EMG?

    • Absolutely, you can stipulate what content types your content is incompatible with, e.g. children's content would never be marketing along side of material with mature themes, etc. You can also stipulate which websites your content is available to, e.g. you can make your content only available to EMG via its network of sites, to EMG Affiliates, to White Label Solution customers and their Affiliates, etc - you can choose to make your content available to any, all or none.

  4. What type of a revenue model does EMG propose for content owners who choose to add their content to the EMG library?

    • EMG utilizes a shared revenue model for its relationships with content owners. In short, every time content owned by a given provider is accessed via time-registered streaming or time-limited rental, the content owner receives a set percentage of the gross generated revenue. The shared revenue model allows content providers to generate revenue from any or all titles in their library while allowing EMG to offer users the widest choice available assuring a steady repeat purchase rate and generating a constant and renewable revenue stream for both content owners and EMG.
    • EMG pays providers an agreed to percentage of the gross sales of their content at prearranged intervals (typically once a month).
    • There are no up front or ongoing fees assessed to content owners for placing and maintaining their content within the EMG catalog. Individual delivery options are also available to content owners wishing to tie EMG technology to their current internet infrastructure.

  5. What would be the sample engagement scenario for content owners who choose to add their content to the EMG library?

    • EMG engagement scenarios will vary depending on content owner needs and requirements. We strive to accommodate each content provider to the best of our abilities and technologies.
      A sample scenario may be as follows:

      • Content owner and EMG agree to the percentage of gross sale the content owner will receive per rental and per minute of streamed content.
      • Content provider chooses the titles he/she wishes to make accessible via EMG.
      • EMG encodes and encrypts the content and adds it to our library of available titles.

  6. What kind of accountability will EMG provide to content owners who share their content via the EMG library?
    • Accountability is of great importance to EMG. Our business model heavily relies on Affiliates and White Label Solution customers. As such, transaction tracking, reporting and archiving capability is an intrinsic component of the EMG content delivery infrastructure. EMG will be glad to make any and all records pertaining to the content owned by a given provider available in a timely fashion. Our comprehensive reports are easy to understand and provide sufficient amount of detail to support any amount of accountability the content owner requires. Our business model relies on an open and on going relationship with our vendors and thus encourages a clear and honest channel of communication. Third party logs are also available to audit and review in order to assure our providers the integrity of our relationship.

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