Previously the road to publishing video content via the internet was been fraught with peril and piracy. Services such as Napster enabled users to freely pirate copyrighted content costing content owners and their distributors millions of dollars in losses. Technology to protect copyrighted content simply did not exist and the only recourse content owners had was to try to sue individual users for theft of content. This is hardly a viable or practical solution for profiting from your content.

Content owners had two options, put their content out and hope for the best or choose not expose themselves to digital delivery and lose the tremendous potential profits from making their content instantly available to buyers via the internet.

The introduction of Digital Rights Management (DRM) has turned the tables back in favor of the content owner and distributor. Content can now be safely distributed via the internet without being subjected to digital piracy. DRM encrypts content and adds a license that defines how that content may be used. By utilizing EMG's solution, content owners have complete control over how their content is licensed. Content owners may choose to allow end-users to view the content an unlimited number of times over a period of time (1 day, 2 weeks, 1 month, etc) or they may choose to allow the user to watch the content only a set number of times over an unlimited time period. Both time restrictions and number of viewing can be combined as required by the content owner/distributor (for example a movie may be licensed to allow access 10 times over a period of 2 weeks, etc). This solution is so powerful that content owners can pick out an individual license and disallow use of content instantly to even a single user as in the case of a credit card charge back.

EMG's high encoding standards allow content owners to present their customers with full screen, DVD quality playback on their PC's. Our encoding technology was custom designed to preserve playback quality while allowing for an hour and forty five minute movie to be downloaded in as little as 2 hours by a broadband internet user.

Our registered streaming technology is also DRM enabled. Unlike many of our competitors, EMG's streaming video feeds cannot be captured for further use or illegal distribution by the end-user. Each stream is registered and encrypted to protect the owner. Our technology allows streaming technology to be made available to both broadband and dial-up users. Because we use Multi Bit Rate (MBR) encoding, users are automatically routed to the correct streaming rate for their internet connection. MBR allows us to bring the best possible streaming product to each end-user without time outs or excessive buffering times.

As the content owner you now have complete control over the use and distribution of your content. By enabling your content via the EMG solution you can instantly make it available to hundreds of millions of end-users without subjecting it to piracy, without significant monetary investment and without the headaches too often associated with traditional delivery channels.

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