Highest quality, lowest latency delivery

EMG has partnered with industry leading high speed network and reliable hosting infrastructure providers. Our streaming networks are designed to deliver the highest quality, lowest latency streams at any time and to any location. Streaming and download server farms are co-located at multiple key peering points (points of presence - POP) in North America, and in Brussels, the European Union's capital allowing us to load-balance traffic using proprietary streaming appliances. EMG ensures that viewers receive high-speed reliable downloads and highest quality, lowest latency streams.

Each POP maintains diverse connections to multiple tier-1 backbone providers. This multi-homed network design helps minimize exposure at congested peers. Close proximity to other backbone providers insures that additional bandwidth capacity can be added quickly as needed.

Reliability and security at its best

EMG's infrastructure supporting Affiliate, eCommerce, Website Catalog, Payment Processing and White Label Solution services, is physically separated and distributed from actual Content Delivery Network (CDN). This provides yet another layer of redundancy and reliability. Firewalls, proxies and private networking are extensively used to help secure critical systems from potential intruders. Our systems and networks are proactively monitored for security vulnerabilities and malicious activity. Multiple scanning tools and intrusion detection systems are also used to help protect customer data. We employ a staff of security experts to quickly respond to any security related incidents.

Reliable content storage

The EMG Content Storage is comprised of redundant physical storage and surrounding services. RAID storage devices and staffed 24x7 system monitoring located at two by-coastal locations in the USA and one location in Europe guarantee uninterrupted availability of the content.
EMG methodically protects and secures its content storage infrastructure. From top of the line HVAC and full data backup to 24x7 staffed monitoring of systems and networks, EMG takes every step possible to maintain the integrity of the content entrusted to us by our content owner partners and clients.

Utilizing Best of Breed Software for Secure Management and Delivery

EMG has selected industry leading software providers to deliver end-to-end DRM solutions that ensure that the content of EMG's clients, the content owners and providers, is securely protected and delivered.

In its latest roll out of DRM end-to-end solutions, EMG has selected Microsoft® Windows Media® Digital Rights Management (DRM) 9 technologies built upon a proven and secure DRM system. The combination of Microsoft® Windows Media® Rights Manager 9 Series and Microsoft Windows Media Encoder 9 Series provides a flexible, secure solution for delivering protected digital media content via download or streaming. Together these products can simultaneously encode and encrypt files so that content is never "in the clear" prior to delivery.

Whether the content is being streamed (see EMG's Registered Streaming) or has been downloaded for subsequent viewing (see EMG's Rental Download), the protection always travels with the content. If unlicensed users attempt to use the content, a URL embedded in the license redirects them to a Web page where they can legitimately acquire a license for the content.

Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information or lower level technical details (Hardware and Software) on EMG's Content Delivery Network.

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