We are proud to introduce the East Media Group Inc. (EMG), a cutting edge on-line service for secure media delivery.

EMG is a "professional-grade" company that employs best of breed Digital Rights Management (DRM) and IP-based video-on-demand distribution technologies to provide controlled access to quality video content via the Internet.

EMG's solutions range from networks of Affiliated Web Sites featuring Turn-Key End-to-End Video on Demand (VoD) Store Fronts for retail secure on-line video distribution to "White Label VoD plug-in" Solutions available to web site owners with proven traffic track records and established industry reputations. EMG has partnered with content owners from various segments of entertainment industry to create a library of thousands of titles available for use by its retail and wholesale partners.

EMG' Service Models:

EMG VoD Solutions provide 2 distinct delivery methods, both secured by the latest in DRM technology: Time-Limited Rental and Secure Streaming. Targeted at the geometrically expanding broadband internet market, EMG does away with fuzzy, jerky images and delivers near-DVD quality, full screen content to its customers. EMG utilizes the latest encoding techniques, security and delivery technologies to assure exceptional product quality to its retail and wholesale clientele.

EMG's service models ensure highly controlled end-user access to the content from the EMG's library of titles. Access control scenarios range from Time-Limited Access for downloaded titles to Secure Registered Streaming that allows end users purchase a block of time (minutes) and use it to Stream any title or fragment of a title via Web Sites employing EMG VoD capability.

In case of the Time Limited Rental, DRM technology guarantees that the downloaded content cannot be viewed beyond the valid duration of the issued license. Additional control rules imposed on the content may, for example, prevent the title to be viewed from any computer other than the computer used to make the original purchase without purchase of a new license. Each transaction carries a dynamic digital watermark signature (key), and each time the content is viewed, the key is dynamically updated making sharing the content with other users (theft) impossible.

Registered Streaming technology allows EMG to provide instant access to the content in its library. EMG's streaming access service is sold on a pay-per-minute basis. Value added functionality allows customers to "jump" directly to scenes, rewind, fast forward, pause, etc. Customers with broadband connections can opt for higher quality feeds while dial-up customers can still view the content, though at lower quality levels. End users may use the purchased time to access any title in EMG's content library. State of the art stream monitoring system allows end users and EMG's partners real-time access to the information about the time used and time left. Each stream is monitored for time-per-title in order to ensure accurate compensation of the content owners.

Unlike many providers of streaming solutions, EMG Streaming Services are protected by the DRM technology. This prevents unauthorized capture of the streamed content via widely available stream capturing tools. Just like in a Time Limited Rental scenario, stream protection always travels with the content. If unlicensed users attempt to use/capture the content, a URL embedded in the license redirects them to a Web page where they can legitimately acquire a license for the content.

Partnering with Content Owners:

EMG is constantly seeking mutually beneficial relationships with its content owner partners. EMG provides the technology enabling the delivery platform, web presence, marketing, transaction processing as well as all other required infrastructure. Its relationships with content owners/providers allows EMG expand its library of titles, thus reaching out to a wider audience and inherently allowing for greater profits to content owners.

Please follow this link to find out more about Content Provider/Owner Opportunities such as proposed revenue and service models, accountability, and more.

White Label VoD solutions:

EMG has developed a comprehensive suite of solutions that allow web site and content owners to quickly integrate VoD capability. Whether you have an established site with a proven track record and high traffic, or are looking to start a new VoD solution EMG can custom tailor a White Label package to your specific needs. EMG recognizes logistical, technical and financial obstacles facing many of the web site owners desiring to integrate VoD capability into their set of on-line services. EMG will work with your business and technical staff to integrate its technology solution with White Label client's current web offerings. EMG can also bring its content catalog and provide encoding services for any existing content that White Label client may desire to add. EMG services will be invisible to the end-users and will allow White Label customer have a free hand in marketing and/or affiliating EMG's technology and content solution. Please click here for more details on EMG White Label Solutions.

Encoding Services:

Content encoding is typically one of the greatest hurdles in bringing content to market. Without significant investment into the optimized process and powerful hardware such as those employed by EMG, content owners may spend up tens of hours encoding a single full-length feature movie title. While encoding algorithms adhere to industry standard techniques and utilize products readily available from vendors, EMG's proprietary methods of streamlining the encoding process enable us to accommodate extremely high volume of encoding, and allows us to play a very competitive role in the marketplace. Our unique encoding techniques allow us to offer encoding pricing several times lower than industry averages. EMG can encode video content from various digital and analog sources into state of the art new Microsoft(tm) Windows Media formats and Real(tm) formats for download and streaming delivery. Optional set of services may include Digital Rights Management DRM) packaging as well as digital and visual watermarking of the content. Please click here for more details on EMG Content Encoding Solutions.

Management Team:

EMG stands to benefit from the tremendous internet industry experience of its core management. EMG's principal partners have been internet entrepreneurs, marketing consultants and infrastructure providers since the inception of the World Wide Web in early nineties. Our core leadership team also brings decades of combined successful implementation and leadership track record from both, business and technology sides of various industries from Financial Services and Entertainment to Wholesale and Retail Product Distribution.
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