EMG Affiliate Programs allow individual web site owners and companies seeking to enter the Video On Demand marketplace to do so without having to develop their own solution while enjoying all the benefits of a substantial content catalog and robust technology and support infrastructures.

A VoD Storefront of Your Own - FREE!

No urge to build your own VoD store from scratch? No problem! We've done all the work for you with our Turn-Key VoD Storefronts program.
    Here's how it works:
  • Sign Up - FREE
  • Pick a Store Design - FREE
  • Add Your Graphics (to customize your store) - FREE
  • select Any or All Items in EMG's Turn-Key Inventory - FREE
  • You're a VoD Storefront Owner - FREE
We take all of the technical concerns out of running a VoD storefront. We even handle billing and credit card processing for you. Your primary objective is to market your store. We take care of everything else and pay a 25% commission on every sale you make. You can even register your own domain name and use it to truly customize your VoD store.

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Turn Traffic Into Profits!

Why send customers to sites that only pay once? Refer a customer to an EMG VoD web site and earn a customer for life! Earn 25% on purchases made by your referral each and every time* they return to the EMG VoD web site they registered with. Even if they come back later directly (not through your link), a customer is still yours.
The EMG Link Affiliate Program is unique in its approach to customizing our affiliates' ability to channel referrals to precisely targeted pages and areas at any of our VoD web sites. Target your link to get maximum conversions.
  • Link to any EMG VoD Storefront
  • Link to any individual Manufacturer listing
  • Link to any individual Product Category listing
  • Link to any combination of Manufacturer and Category listings
  • Link directly to any Individual Product
Other unique features of our program include:
  • There are no limits on amount of links you can create and manage.
  • Link Creation Wizard
  • Flexible Search for Products
We believe that knowledge is power and provide comprehensive statistics for each link you create from your site(s). Our flexible reporting interface provides crucial data showing link performance (cumulative or by individual link), and real-time affiliate status in order to help you optimize your traffic for increased sales.
EMG provides banners, graphics, buttons, flash movies, and more for our affiliates' use. We also provide timely updates regarding product additions, site introductions, and service enhancements in order to help you further maximize returns.
EMG has a sterling reputation for timely payouts and affiliate support. We pay on time and we answer questions. We understand that affiliates are our business partners and that your success is our success.

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