1. Do I have to have any programming knowledge to implement an Affiliate store?
    • Affiliate stores require no programming knowledge at all. You simply choose a template for your store. Provide a top of page graphic if available or we can create one for you and choose a color scheme for the template.

  2. Can I pick and choose what content (movies) are available via my Affiliate store?
    • You have full control over what movies are available via your store. You can in fact change your movie line up at any time to better suit your marketing goals

  3. Is there a limitation to the number of titles my Affiliate store can have?
    • The number of titles at your store is only limited by the size of EMG's content library

  4. Can I mix and match different types of content?
    • Yes. Some content owners limit our ability to market their content along side of other content they do not feel is either appropriate or complimentary. EMG will let you know when you choose your titles or content packages if there is a conflict.

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