We are proud to introduce the East Media Group (EMG), a cutting edge service provider for secure on-line video delivery.

EMG brings together all of the essential components of secure video delivery over the internet. EMG has developed a comprehensive series of solutions for content owners and content distributors that allow end-users to gain access to DVD quality, full screen video via the internet while protecting the property rights of content owners and solving the storage and delivery requirements of distributors.

EMG is a complete solution. Our core services include Digital Rights Management, Media Storage and Delivery and Encoding. Additional service modules are available to provide e-commerce solutions for digital product delivery, transaction processing and integration services. Solutions range from the integration of Video on Demand (VoD) with existing internet properties to complete turn-key Affiliate Stores which include everything a client needs to enter the Video on Demand marketplace in less than an hour.

Our VoD solutions include Rental Download scenarios and Streaming Video delivery. EMG clients can offer their end-users an option to download a movie that is protected via Digital Rights Management (DRM) allowing the end-user to watch the movie only for a set number of days or only a set number of times or any combination of both. Once expired, the movie will no longer play and the end-user must renew his/her purchase in order to regain access. DRM encrypted content cannot be freely shared or copied. By utilizing EMG's DRM solutions, the content owner is assured of the integrity of their content and their ability to continue to profit from its sales.

Our Registered Streaming solutions cannot be captured using readily available stream capture software. We utilize DRM technology to encrypt each stream. This further protects the content from digital piracy. EMG streaming is an intelligent solution: end-users can select to watch a particular title or browse through an entire library. Broadband and dial-up users are accommodated via out multi bit rate (MBR) technology and content owners/distributors have complete control over how streaming minutes are used and packaged.

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